Blog of the Year


Out of the initial shortlist of five names, this category turned into a three-way tussle once the first round of scoring was completed by the judges. After careful deliberation, it was the LottyEarns blog that emerged victorious making it back-to-back wins in this award for the site’s creator, Charlotte Burns.

“The blog represents great work from Charlotte. It’s a strong mix of personal insight, plus an overlay of real journalism that demands answers to all the right consumer money questions, not to mention crucial advice that could make a massive difference to her readers,” one judge remarked. “LottyEarns occupies a blogging sweet spot, really, with lots of engaged readers. Plus she took down a con artist to boot!” a second judge commented.


  • Be Clever With Your Cash
  • LottyEarns
  • MoneySavingIdiot
  • Mrs Mummypenny
  • Much More With Less
  • The Complaining Cow


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