Blog of the Year

Hannah Duncan collects her Award from Features Editor at Investment Week Kathleen Gallagher and Awards Host Marcus Brigstocke


As it turned out, there was one blog that stood out for all the judges after the first round of scoring and remained ahead in the judging session, with hearty congratulations going to Hannah Duncan, the author of Hannah’s Blog.

“This is what exactly what I was waiting for,” commented one judge, “a ‘ballsy’ blog not afraid to tell the truth about the most complex of investment issues and challenges.” Judges praised Hannah’s Blog as “daring” for saying what others would be too scared to say, at the same time as being well-written. “It’s controversial without being arrogant,” a judge commented. “It was punchy, and so engaging,” remarked another.



  • Hannah's Blog
  • Money Talk
  • Moral Money
  • The Complaining Cow
  • The Money Whisperer


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