Consumer Champion of the Year


The consumer champion section is always a strong category and this year was no different with the judging panel eventually narrowing a very worthy field down to just a pair of names. In the end it was the Telegraph’s Katie Morley who emerged triumphant, having moved to her ‘Katie Morley Investigates’ column during mid-2019 on the retirement of Telegraph stalwart Jessica Gorst-Williams.

“Her debut year in this role has been an impressive one, not only having won back a staggering amount of money for her readers, but also showing a true commitment to them,” one judge said. “Katie gets to the bottom of complex cases and whether it is a fraudulent partner or a hot-potato passing bunch of insurers she gets to the truth and drives results,” a second judge added.


  • David Byers, The Times and The Sunday Times
  • Maisha Frost, Daily and Sunday Express
  • Jonathan Gibson, BBC Birmingham
  • Tony Hetherington, Mail on Sunday
  • Katie Morley, Telegraph Media Group


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