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Journalists. Who are the money media's best PR professionals? You decide. Vote now as part of the 2021 Headlinemoney Awards!

The following shortlists were drawn up by an external panel of judges. To help decide the winners, all you need to do is select your top finalist in as many of the six categories as you'd like. Make sure you refer to the finalist entry summary statements to help make your decision.

The all-important results will be revealed at our awards ceremony and dinner later this year on Wednesday 14 July at The Brewery, London.

Voting will close on Friday 23 April. Thanks in advance for taking part!

Please note that the vote is open to journalists ONLY.  Any votes from individuals who do not meet this criteria will be discounted.

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Please note that the PR awards below are decided by votes from members of the financial press only. If you are not a financial journalist, please do not vote as your votes will be discounted.
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Select your favourite in any, or all, of the categories below, referring to the finalist entry summaries to help make your decision. Make sure you hit 'submit' at the bottom of the page to submit your vote.
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