B2B Story of the Year

Winner: Woodford needs Hargreaves Lansdown now more than ever, Daniel Grote, New Model Adviser

In this category, the judges thought one story stood out right from the start of the adjudication process. By the time they convened to decide the winner, nothing had happened to change their minds so it’s a case of very well done to New Model Adviser’s Daniel Grote for his story that combined fund manager Neil Woodford’s downfall with investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown that became inextricably linked with last year’s saga.

“Daniel did a great job following the Woodford debacle from the start and really got into the minutiae of the whole thing with this story. The figures contained in this are pretty startling,” one judge commented. “This was an astonishing article and I’ve given it a maximum score not just because of the skill of the journalist involved, but because of the subsequent impact it made,” a second judge added.


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  • Woodford needs Hargreaves Lansdown now more than ever Daniel Grote, New Model Adviser


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