Investment Journalist of the Year (Consumer)


The B2B element of this category quickly developed into a one-horse race in the opinions of the judges. The consumer section, however, was less clear-cut and ended up being a two-way shoot-out for top honours.

A winner eventually emerged in the shape of the Telegraph’s Adam Williams whose submissions were summed up by one of the judges as follows: “Basically they contained everything I was looking for, namely: investigative rigour; advocacy for consumers; plus determined, relentless pursuit of the cause to hold to account those responsible for protecting them”.

“Adam has demonstrated great investigative skills in these submissions and it’s also the case that he’s been tackling subjects that his peers just aren’t covering. A worthy winner,” added another.


  • Holly Black, Morningstar
  • Harry Brennan, Telegraph Media Group
  • Daniel Grote, Funds Insider
  • Tanya Jefferies, This is Money
  • Jeff Prestridge, Mail on Sunday
  • Adam Williams, Telegraph Media Group


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