Mortgage Journalist of the Year (Consumer)


The consumer section of this category soon developed into a two-way shoot-out from the original quintet of names that made up the shortlist. For 2020, it’s a case of hearty congratulations to the Telegraph’s Adam Williams for coming out on top with one story in particular that one of the judges described as “excellent investigative work exposing morally corrupt behaviour”.

“Adam’s equity release submission was excellent and generally his stories on home loans raise the necessary sorts of concerns about which borrowers need to be on the lookout. He also demonstrates plenty of confidence in his ability to write in different styles depending on whether he’s delivering hard news, features or comment pieces,” a second judge pointed out.


  • John Fitzsimons, Freelance
  • Will Kirkman, This is Money
  • Kate Palmer, The Times and The Sunday Times
  • Samantha Partington, Freelance
  • Adam Williams, Telegraph Media Group


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