Submissions, shortlists, judging

The 2021 Headlinemoney Awards celebrate brilliant journalism and top-flight communications from across the UK’s financial press and media. The Awards comprise categories both for individual journalists (Consumer and B2B) as well as media outlets covering different aspects of the financial marketplace. There are also trophies for individuals and press teams working in financial PR, media relations and communications.

A key aspect of the Awards is that all the winners are decided by their peers following an extensive submission, shortlisting and judging process.



The journalism and PR award categories are now closed - thank you for your entries. 

Entry deadlines
Journalism Awards: CLOSED

For the 2021 Awards, Headlinemoney invites journalists, editors and PRs to showcase their best work from the calendar year 2020 by submitting entries to us direct. To have any chance of winning a particular category you need to enter!

To make a submission, you must first register your name and create an account, and you'll then gain access to the entry form.

All entries are free of charge. Visit our How to Enter page for further details.

Shortlists and judging

Entries for each Awards category will be shortlisted by a panel of judges. Shortlists for each category will be announced via the Headlinemoney Awards website, online, and through social media.

Journalism Awards

As with the PR and communications categories, entries submitted by journalists across all categories will initially be shortlisted by a panel of judges.

After shortlisting, the final and all-important judging phase then takes place. The process to decide all the category winners is carried out by more than a hundred judges comprising senior financial journalists, editors and PRs drawn from around the UK’s financial media. Their deliberations will also determine the winners of both Headlinemoney’s Journalist of the Year and Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Should you wish to nominate an individual for the Outstanding Achievement Award, please contact

PR & Communications Awards

Entries submitted into each of the six categories in this section will initially be shortlisted by a panel of judges. Journalists will then be invited to vote on the shortlists to determine the eventual PR and communications winners.

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