Savings Journalist of the Year


By the time the first phase of judging had been completed, this category had turned into a straight fight between two of the five shortlisted contenders. After a second round of adjudication it was Hearst Magazines’ Kalpana Fitzpatrick who emerged victorious with one judge commenting that: “Here’s a writing style that very likely resonates with a wide range of women at various stages in their life and covering an array of financial circumstances.”

A second judge added: “Well done to Kalpana. I’m so pleased to see a submission from the women’s magazines sector and the stories included are worthy of a very good score. They were timely, of great use and informative for readers looking for help on how to provide a good base to their personal finance needs.”


  • Sam Barker, Moneywise, for work at Telegraph Media Group
  • Chiara Cavaglieri, Which? Money
  • Kalpana Fitzpatrick, Hearst Magazines
  • Danielle Richardson, Which? Money
  • Ben Wilkinson, Daily Mail



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